Best Jobs to Work and travel around the world

There are not many people out there who can say that they hate traveling. It is impossible not to love going around the globe, experiencing new cultures, new smells, interacting with people from different countries. Some have managed to travel the globe for many years and find work in the countries they visit. Students spend their summer holidays working in other countries and working adults learn new skills to help them work abroad. If you are thinking about working and traveling, then here are some job suggestions for you.

Language teacher

Depending on what your native language is; what foreign languages you know and what countries you are interested in, working as a language teacher might be a dream job. Before deciding what language or languages you want to teach, take some time and investigate if you can take a teaching class.

If you decide to live in a Latin American country, for example, you might have a future as an English, French or German teacher. Most language teaching companies require their teacher to take some qualification exams, but if you have good knowledge of that particular language you should have no problem.

Pros: you will work flexible hours and you will be able to socialize on a daily basis. You can also adjust your schedule to your needs or work as a private tutor.

Cons: there might not always be enough students to make a fixed amount of money each month.

Photographer and video recording specialist If you are passionate about taking pictures and you own a good quality camera, then it might be a good idée to work part-time as a photographer and video recording specialist. Taking some photography classes so as to have a diploma and building up a portfolio is very important. Clients usually want to see your previous work. At the beginning, you might need to work pro-bono until you make a name for yourself. Social media is also important. Remember to ask your clients to write recommendations and post your work online, giving you credit.

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Helpful travel accessories so that you enjoy your trip

Travelling is some the best way to spend their free time, while for others it might be quite stressful, especially when they do not carry all necessary items. Whether you travel for leisure or for work it is better you make your trip as pleasant as possible by making sure you carry everything you might need. This list of must-have traveling items will be very helpful for you.

Chargers and external battery

Is there anything worse than having a couple of hours more until you reach your destination and your phone battery is dead? It is especially annoying when you travel by bus; by train or by car and you have nothing else to do. Make sure you never experience this situation by taking with you a traditional charger, a wireless charger or a removable battery. These three items are all you need to make sure your battery is full and you can enjoy your virtual life on the go.

Earplugs or headphones

We can never know if the hotel we are checking in has noisy guests or if the isolation is good. Do not let other guests disturb your sleep, especially if you are traveling for business and you need to be fresh the following morning. Sleeping in a new bed can make you have trouble falling asleep and when there is also too much noise people can get very frustrated. To solve this situation make sure you have in your traveling backpack the following two items: earplugs and noise-canceling headphones. Use whichever works better for you so that you can experience a good night sleep.

Compression socks

If your travel by plain or if you have to stay many hours inside a car, make sure that you use compression socks. They are known to improve blood circulation and decrease the risk of blood clots. Compression socks might be uncomfortable in summer without air conditioning, but in winter they keep your feet warm and are really helpful. There are plenty of brands on the market to choose from.

Neck Pillows and hoodies

If you are not lucky enough to travel first class, then you will most likely find your seat uncomfortable and hard. Neck pillows are a great help for those traveling more than two hours. Hoodies can also help. There are many options to choose from: different sizes, materials, colors, and prices. There is one for you for sure.

Backpacks and carry-on bags

A good backpack to which you can add all the things you need can be a lifesaver during a trip. For those who travel for leisure and are set to explore different places, a light-weight comfortable backpack makes a lot of difference. The key is to find a good size and to make sure it fits all your things. Carry-on bags can also be helpful, more so for those who fly frequently for business.  The options are many depending on your budget and preferences.

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