Just because you are a special needs person, it does not mean that your traveling cannot be seamless. It can be smooth as long as you keep some things in mind. One of the most important things that you can do is planning in advance and advising all those that will be involved. They include but not limited to car hire companies, your travel agent, airlines and even hotels. There are many ways that you can travel without hiccups even with disability. 

  • Make Your Confirmations in Advance 

Maybe you will need a disability scooter, special medical equipment such as oxygen or you will need special assistance. It’s not good that you take chances with this. What if that oxygen cylinder will not be available? Airlines will require you to advise them in advance whether you need theirs or you are carrying yours. Make your reservations in advance, let all the stakeholders know what you need and double check at least 48 hours to the travel time. 

  • Research on Wheelchair Accessible Areas

Not every area is wheelchair friendly. Some areas will be a challenge for persons with disability to access. As you make your reservations, you should first research and enquire with them. Besides your travel agent, you can consult with the local and medical associations. You will have more fun when you can access your target areas with ease. 

  • Book Your Traveling Nurse in Advance 

Maybe you need a traveling nurse or companion during your stay. Just because you are differently abled or you have a serious medical issue and you are able to travel does not mean that you cannot have fun. You can opt to hire a traveling nurse or companion from your home country or in your destination. Your travel agent should be able to advise you accordingly. 

  • Do Not Forget about Your Medication

This is of paramount importance. One thing you should do is keep a list of your health professionals with their contacts, keep copies of your prescriptions, copies of your medical records and medical cards. Your health is a priority and when you keep these things with you, it will be easier to get medical assistance whenever you need. In case of an emergency, health practitioners can refer to them.

Be an informed traveler by researching on all that you need to enhance your traveling. Know what to expect and what you need. Read reviews of the places that you will be visiting and the experience of different people living with disability. When you are well informed, you will be an anxiety-free traveler and you will enjoy a pleasant time.

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